Guidelines for incoming artwork and files:

The two preferred methods of sending us your files are either burned to a CD or through our FTP site.

Acceptable programs are as follows:

Freehand MX
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Quark Express 7.0
CorelDraw 11

General Guidlines:

• Whenever possible please provide vectored artwork.
• All Fonts MUST be converted prior to sending your files.
• Please provide a PDF copy and/or colour printout of your artwork for comparison purposes.
• Please provide Pantone reference if available, otherwise your CMYK values will dictate the final product.Providing CMYK values only is not a guaranteed match to the colours you see on your screen.

Freehand Guidlines:

Convert all fonts or include fonts with the job if you will require us to make changes to your text.
Include all high resolution images (tiff, jpeg, etc.).
No special method of saving your files in this program are required.

Photoshop Guidelines:

If your Photoshop files will require rework please send them layered. Otherwise, please save your files as flattened TIFF’s and select LZW in the save dialog box while saving. Actual size files should be saved at between 72dpi to 150dpi. Files sent to us at 1:4 ratio should be sent at 300dpi.

Adobe Illustrator Guidelines:

Convert all text to outlines.
Embed all placed images within the file or include these high resolution images separately.
Save your document as an Illustrator file or an eps file in version 7 or better.

Quark Express/CorelDraw Guidlines:

Convert all fonts to outlines.
Include all high resolution images (tiff, jpeg, etc.).
Export all the files as EPS or PDF.

For large file tranfers/FTP information please contact your Jet Signs sales representative.


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